Keith Simpson questions Foreign Minister

Keith Simpson questions Foreign Minister on illegal migration in north Africa 

9th June 2015

Keith Simpson questions the Foreign Office on tackling the mass illegal migration from north Africa, in particular on efforts to identify who is behind the trafficking and preventing them from being able to make huge profits.

Mr Keith Simpson (Broadland) (Con): Has the Department been able to assess from intelligence exactly who is behind the trafficking? If we can only prevent the trafficking and prevent individuals from making a lot of money, that will dry up the problem.

Mr Ellwood: My right hon. Friend makes an important point. As I say, there are complex aspects to tackling this problem. It is important to understand what is happening in the source countries, notably Nigeria and Somalia. We are working with our DFID colleagues to make sure that happens. It is, however, worth pointing that the traffickers—terrorist organisations and criminals—are highly organised. They charge about $1,000 a seat to make the journey from Africa to Europe. We must make sure that this stops.