About us

Broadland Conservative Association's purpose is to select and then get successfully elected a Conservative Member of Parliament to represent the Broadland County Constituency at Westminster. To also select and get elected Conservative County Councillors for Norfolk County Council and District Councillors for the Councils, Broadland and North Norfolk, which fall inside the Constituency. The Association passes information and ideas from the membership to the Conservative Party to help shape the Party's Policies. These aims are achieved by fund raising and then using these funds to run dynamic election campaigns on behalf of our candidates.

The Association is administered by a Chairman, two Deputy Chairmen, who look after Political and Membership issues respectively, and a Treasurer. 

To assist in its endeavors the Association employs an Constituency Organiser, Kate Rushton, whose function is to run the Association's office and to carry out the tasks requested by the Officers. These include organising election campaigns and fund raising events.

The Association is made up of smaller 'Branch' organisations which are based on various geographic areas. There is also a Women's section and a Patrons Club.

Currently the Branches are at Aylsham, Eastern Area,  Fakenham and Walsingham and Great Witchingham. Members are allocated to their nearest Branch. 

The Women's Conservative Committee is a group of keen members who regularly hold successful fund raising and social events.

The Patron's Club is another part of the Association whose purpose is to raise funds for fighting election campaigns.  The Patron's Club hold two functions each year where there is an interesting and influential speaker.

Jerome Mayhew is our Member of Parliament

To find out more about Jerome go to www.jeromemayhew.org.uk

Greg Peck