Jerome Mayhew, MP

Member of Parliament for Broadland

Married to Kate we have three children and two dogs.I have a life-long connection with the Broadland constituency where my mother was born and raised.

My first job was as a Barrister and subsequently I went on to help build ‘Go Ape!’ into a successful tourism business in Norfolk and across the country.  In more recent years I have worked in the constituency as a director of an agricultural company, learning about farming and the opportunities that green energy brings to our region.

I want to be part of a government that backs opportunity and raises aspiration.  I wish to encourage and support personal achievement within a free market economy, championing help for those less fortunate and opens the way for the success of the next generation.

I will champion the needs of rural communities as I understand how they’re often forgotten.  Rural crime has huge impact that does not show up on statistics, so I will make sure we get our fair share of the 20,000 new police officers that the Government is to recruit.

Superfast broadband releases opportunities for business to thrive outside towns and cities, yet in some areas we still struggle with mobile phone coverage.  I will fight for Broadland to be at the front of the queue for some of the Government’s £5bn 1Gb coverage.

And last but definitely not least, whichever way you voted on Brexit, failing to honour the result of the referendum would be a disaster for our democracy. We need to unite to ‘Get Brexit Done’ for the good of the Country and only the Conservatives can do this